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Property Insurance
Claim Tips From
NY Public Adjusters

Having an insurance claim is complicated, and most people, statistically, have never filed a claim before. 

At Long Island Public Adjusters, LLC, we want to help.  We have 17 years of claim experience in the Long Island, NY market and understand the unique insurance situations that arise with increased building and labor costs and local red tape, such as permits and code enforcement.

We publish our top most-asked questions weekly.


If you need help with your insurance claim, call
a Public Adjuster

Our process is streamlined for homeowners, renters, and business owners. We walk you through the loss-specific claims process, explain your duties and requirements, how settlements and payouts work, and what you can expect each step along the way. 

If you're dealing with water or fire damage insurance claims, looking for helpful insights when dealing with an insurance company, or need to make sense of a purposely confusing claims process, you can find the information you need with Long Island Public Adjuster's consistently updated library of insurance claims articles, blogs, and use cases. 

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