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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common insurance claim questions and answers

  • What are pitfalls of hiring a public adjuster?
    Potential pitfalls include hiring inexperienced adjusters, overpaying for services, or dealing with unethical practices.
  • Do I need a public adjuster for fire damage?
    It's recommended. Fire damage claims can be complex and a public adjuster can help ensure all damages are accounted for.
  • What do public adjusters do?
    They represent policyholders, assessing and negotiating insurance claims to secure the best possible settlement.
  • What does a standard claim process involve?
    The standard process generally involves: notifying the insurance company, documenting the damage, receiving a claim assessment from the insurer's adjuster, negotiating the claim amount, and receiving the settlement.
  • What are my responsibilities after a loss?
    After a loss, it's your responsibility to promptly notify your insurance company, protect your property from further damage, document and list damaged items, and cooperate with the claims process.
  • Can my insurance agent handle my claim for me?
    While insurance agents can provide guidance and assist in initiating a claim, they don't handle the detailed assessment and negotiation. That's where a public adjuster or an insurance company adjuster comes in.
  • How long does the claims process take with a public adjuster?
    The duration varies based on claim complexity, but using a public adjuster can expedite the process due to their expertise. Generally, it can range from a few weeks to several months.
  • Are you a public adjuster in New York?
    Yes, Kevin Godfrey is a licensed and experienced public adjuster serving New York, especially the Long Island area.
  • Should I use a public adjuster for a home insurance claim?
    It depends on the severity of the claim. For larger, more complex claims they can help you navigate home insurance claims and secure a better payout. A good public adjuster will guide you on your next best steps during a free consultation.
  • What is the definition of public adjuster?
    A public adjuster is a professional who represents policyholders in appraising and negotiating insurance claims.
  • Can a public adjuster help me with a water damage claim?
    Yes, water damage claims can be complex and a public adjuster can ensure all damages are accounted for.
  • Do you use Xactimate?
    Yes, it's an industry-standard software for estimating insurance claims, and Kevin Godfrey is certified at the highest level in Xactimate.
  • Do Public Adjusters in NYS require a bond?
    Yes, in New York State, public adjusters are required to post a bond before obtaining a license.
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company?
    A public adjuster represents policyholders, while an insurance company represents its own interests.
  • What do I do if a public adjuster is holding my insurance check?
    Contact your state's insurance department or a legal professional for guidance on potential misconduct.
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?
    While both evaluate claims, public adjusters represent the policyholder, and insurance adjusters represent the insurance company.
  • How do I choose a public adjuster?
    Research and read reviews, check their credentials and licenses, interview potential adjusters, and ask for references to ensure they have a good track record and experience.
  • What is the public adjuster process?
    It involves assessing damage, documenting claims, negotiating with insurance companies, and securing a fair settlement for policyholders.
  • What to do if a public adjuster isn't responding?
    Document all attempts at communication, consider seeking legal advice, and notify your state's insurance department if needed.
  • Can you use a public adjuster in NYC?
    Yes, public adjusters are licensed to operate in NYC and can be very beneficial in urban settings due to the complexities of having multiple stakeholders.
  • Should I use a public adjuster for a roof claim?
    Yes, especially if the damage is extensive. A public adjuster can ensure you get a fair settlement to cover repairs or replacement.
  • How much do public adjusters cost?
    Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the settlement amount. The exact percentage varies based on the adjuster and the complexity of the claim. In Long Island, NY the average rate is between 7 - 10%.
  • What are public adjuster license requirements in New York?
    Adjusters must pass an examination, submit an application, provide proof of bond, and pay a licensing fee.
  • Do you offer a free consultation?
    Yes, we provide a 30-minute free consultation to discuss your claim and how we can assist you.
  • What is a standard public adjuster commission?
    Commissions in New York have a maximum of 12.5%, but usually range between 7-10% of the claim payout, depending on the size and type of the claim.
  • Do I need a public adjuster for hail damage?
    It's beneficial, as hail damage can often lead to undervalued claims. A public adjuster can ensure you get a fair assessment.
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and an appraiser?
    Appraisers determine property value, while public adjusters assess and negotiate insurance claim values.
  • Can a public adjuster help with a denied insurance claim?
    Yes, public adjusters can review denied claims, identify discrepancies or areas of contention, and negotiate with the insurer to potentially reverse or adjust the denial.
  • What are the standard public adjuster fees?
    Fees are typically a percentage of the gross claim settlement, often between 7-10%. This can apply to Coverage A: Dwelling, Coverage B: Other Structures, Coverage C: Personal Property and Coverage D: Additional Living Expenses. Fees are not usually taken from vendors such as remediation, dry cleaners, etc.
  • Can a public adjuster help me with a hurricane claim?
    Absolutely. They specialize in handling large and complex claims, like those from hurricanes.
  • What is a homeowners insurance claim?
    A homeowners insurance claim is a formal request by a policyholder to their insurance company for coverage or compensation for a specific loss or damage to their property as defined in the insurance policy.
  • Are public adjusters added to the settlement check?
    Often, insurance companies make checks payable to both the policyholder and the public adjuster to ensure transparency, however they should not be named on checks that exceed their total fee.
  • What is a public adjuster firm near me?
    Long Island Public Adjusters, LLC. Contact Kevin Godfrey at 516-410-0164 or email at
  • What are the pros and cons of hiring a public adjuster?
    Pros: Expertise in claims, potential for higher settlement. Cons: Costs associated with their fees, potential delays.
  • What is included in a standard public adjuster contract?
    A standard contract usually includes terms of compensation, services provided, duration of the agreement, and responsibilities of both parties. The contract is dictated by the New York State Department of Financial Services.
  • Do I need a public adjuster?
    If you're facing a complex claim or feel underprepared to handle negotiations with your insurer, hiring a public adjuster can be beneficial to ensure you receive a fair settlement.
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and a lawyer?
    Public adjusters handle insurance claims, while lawyers provide legal representation, often in disputes.
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