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Public Adjuster Pros and Cons 
You Need to Know

Potential pros and cons of hiring a public adjuster to evaluate, negotiate and settle a claim on your behalf. 

The complicated insurance claims process can be quite daunting when your home or business suffers a sudden and accidental loss such as a house fire, frozen pipe, or hurricane damage. 

To add insult to injury, many insurance companies don't quickly and willingly pay the full amount required to repair or replace your damaged property. 

That is where Public Adjusters can come in handy.

If you're on the fence about talking to a public adjuster, here is an infographic of the pros and cons.  

Call Kevin Godfrey at (516)-410-0164 for a free claims consultation.

Pros and cons of using a Public Adjuster.jpg

Advantages of using a Public Adjuster

  • Works for you, not the insurance company

  • No out-of-pocket costs, ever

  • Makes the overall claims process less stressful

  • Prevents you from being lowballed 

  • Saves you time

  • Prepares all estimates and inventories on your behalf

  • Negotiates and settles the claim on your behalf

  • Faster initial claims handling

  • 100% guaranteed to adhere to Policy Conditions

Disadvantages of using a Public Adjuster

  • Smaller claims are generally not accepted

  • Public adjusters may not be properly trained or have the necessary experience

  • Percentage-based fee structure - in New York State can be up to 12% of total claim payout

  • Total claim duration may increase due to additional scrutiny 


Not every claim, residential or commercial, requires a public adjuster. We recommend that small and straightforward​ claims be handled directly by the owner. 

This is mostly because a public adjuster can't move the needle enough to justify their fee.

However, for large or complex claims such as fire, water, frozen pipe, or hurricane/flood claims, we recommend, at the very least, a consultation with a public adjuster. 

Kevin Godfrey, co-founder and owner of Long Island Public Adjusters, LLC, has over 17 years of experience as an adjuster, settling over 10,000+ claims in excess of $1B. 

Call us at (516) 410-0164 for a free claims consultation

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